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March 21, 2010


Regina Olson

Progress Report for Linda Maire Barrett: "What would you do if you met yourself in time?" And a few more questions . . . I don't seem to find a place to post my remarks regarding the book I received. Are there multiple copies on this subject drifting around the country/world? I'm unaware of the number of the specific book I received, and--unfortunately--Desmond Tutu was not a contributor, as hoped for in a another section of your blog. (Though, I did hear him speak once at the National Cathedral.) I find no progress update from others, and I am (only) the 5th person to receive the book--not sure about the number as I have already passed it along. Is this project still in process--since so much time has lapsed? (My apologies for using up so much of the time while my life got in the way.) Can you copy and paste my comments to the appropriate place in your blog if this is not it? Comments:

Regina (Gina) Olson
Lake Havasu City, AZ
"What would you do if you met yourself in time?" was received from Ginny in Minnesota and passed on to Gabrielle in Arizona in late April, 2011. As I wrote in the introduction to the poem I submitted, this is an interesting act of faith! It's like sending a message in a bottle that goes out into the unknown to be tossed and tumbled amid the watery ways of people's lives. Dangerous territory. The sender totally relinquishes control of the direction of its drift or the time it will take for its journey. This reality if strangely fitting for a study of time. Thanks for the opportunity to share my poem, which needed a good home.


thanks laurie for stopping by the blog...I am so excited about the project. it's on to the third person and the second book headed EAST has the (fingers crossed) possibility of going to Arch. Desmond Tutu. I sure hope that wish comes true, I'm puttin it out there in the universe, because I would love to hear his thoughts on the question posed. peace lmb


What a wonderful project Linda! I can't wait to see how it "unfolds". :) Hope all is well, Laurie

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