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May 10, 2012



Debra, What a powerful impact your words had - thanks for taking the time to write a note. I do so hope that your son and my dad are hanging out and sending us the love I feel certain they still have to give - from the other side. I promise to look for feathers and let you know when I come across them, but until then, I love that you see pennies!
much love back, Linda

Very nice post. I am always watchful for signs, but an anniversary has come and gone with maybe a sign unnoticed.

I have noticed pennies everywhere lately. At first I ignored them but now I blatantly pick them up, give them a good thumb rub with a smile and put them in my pocket.

Maybe your dad has met my son, wouldn't that be nice. Let me know if a feather comes into your life!

Gentle reminders, much love, Debra

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